Our Mission

A Generous Heart® sponsors scholarship and educational programs so that excellence is revealed in students, individuals and small groups. Revealed excellence results in increased effectiveness in life and enables people to achieve success so that they can contribute to humanity in a positive way.

A Generous Heart “A generous heart will never care to go part way; it won’t be cowed if there is passage anywhere, but set out on the hardest road; nothing can cause it misery, and with faith soaring like a cloud it feeds on something I don’t know that one may come on randomly…”

-St. John of the Cross

Founding Purpose

A Generous Heart® believes that providing students and people of all ages with proven success strategies that compliment the traditional educational process will enable them to achieve their goals and manifest successful lives that stand as a contribution to others. We believe that there is no greater reward in life than to leave everything you touch better than when you found it.

We will educate people so that they can begin to demonstrate the power they have to create their own reality. Often people operate within constraints that are manufactured by someone else which causes ineffectiveness and lost opportunity. Everyone has excellence already in them; they just need the tools to reveal it…